Gruppa L


Next Events
ISO HAMMER & SICHEL: 01.05.2016
Borderwar 8:                     20.04.2016
ISO The Base:                   13.03.2016
Last Events
ISO The Base:                 28.02.2016
ISO The BASE:                 05.12.2015
OP Flash Flood:           09-11.10.2015
Rise of Givetonien:     26-27.09.2015
Flucht aus Alcatraz:    01-02.08.2015
The Hurt Locker:         29-30.05.2015


The Motherland needs heroes like you!

Do you have the guts of a real man?
Are you brave enough to fight against the Imperialistic Forces of Evil?

Does blue colour and the smell
of capitalistic money
makes you see RED?

Then join
our ranks and
fight with us
to crush the
Capitalistic Forces
into tiny pieces!

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